Our Management

With a dream towards advancement, dedication to accomplish, and a strong passion for preserving excellence in the academic sphere, the visionary team of four wonderful personalities strived for triumph in assisting the individuals to create, sustain and continually improve the inherent talent of individuals, in reaching out to their aspirations, through a wholesome and purposeful education process.

The Nalanda Group was remained untouched even by the fatigues of monotony and au courant of the times. The possibility was attained just due to the vision and the conviction to a cause of the Four Founding Fathers, in their chosen field ‘education’.

From left to right Sri A.V.Subba Rao, Sri K.Basava Purnaiah, (Late)Sri I.V.Kameswara Rao, Sri K.Rambabu

The task to buildup an academic monolith was unmanageable when they could not afford to let go an iota of their academic excellence in the process. Accordingly, at the outset, they had opted for an administrator who could provide the 'life-line' to the entire venture. Their choice fell on Sri A.Vijaya Babu, a foreign returned educationist with vast exposure to both domestic and global academic systems, as The Secretary & Correspondent. His ingress filled the void and the team became a wholesome entity clearly delineating academic excellence and administrative efficiency.

Dedicated to the cause of education, the team consists of a highly qualified core teaching staff, administrative support with a domain of expertise with a rich acknowledges experience in identifying talent, understand requirements and creating the right career route map to channelize the inherent spark in students, for a brighter tomorrow.

(Late) I.V.Kameswara Rao

A post graduate in M.A. from Andhra University, Sri I. V. Kameswara Rao did his Intermediate and B.A. from AVN College Vizag, and is the president of Nalanda Academy of Sciences.Interested in extra-curricular activities, he took part in Inter University debates, elocution and volley ball competitions and served at Andhra Loyola College, 1956 to 1988. As he is a versatile, dynamic person with amazing teaching skills committed to the benefit of the students, his students consider themselves immensely lucky. His motto throughout his 70 years of life has been of rational living and high thinking. Nalanda Institutions are the testimony to his unwavering adherence & commitment.

K. Basava Purnaiah

The native of Guntur Sri K. Basava Purnaiah came from an agricultural background with a highly accomplished academic record. After a successful period of 30 years at the Andhra Loyola College as Physics lecturer, he joined hands with the others to found Nalanda Institutions. Ever smiling, with an aura of well being all around him, Sri K.B.P. contains infinite dynamism. "Still waters run deep" is applicable to none else but him.

A.V. Subba Rao

Sri A.V. Subba Rao hails from an agricultural back ground, had educated at Hindu College, Machilipatnam and A.C. College, Guntur and has a Master's Degree in Chemistry from Bhopal University. Besides being a Director at Nalanda Sri A.V.S.R., is also the founder of the Sai Sudhir Educational Society, Hyderabad that imparts quality instruction to P.G. and Graduate students in various faculties. The fact that he is referred to as 'Organic' Subba Rao, after the subject he teaches, is the ultimate tribute to his popularity as a teacher.

K. Rambabu

Sri K. Rambabu is a self made man. Hailing from a rural background, he completed his Post Graduate course in Physics from Andhra University.His life had not been a bed of roses and it is his sheer hard work, confidence and self reliance helped him reach new heights. Sri Rambabu left Andhra Loyola College in 1988 after long years of service, to join Nalanda.


A. Vijaya Babu studied at the Andhra Loyola College and completed his post graduation in commerce from Kanpur University. He then went to spend almost a decade in Algeria on a teaching assignment. Sri Vijaya Babu took over the administration of Nalanda Educational Institutions as the Correspondent. Under his able management, Nalanda has grown from Play School to P.G College. Correspondent Sri Vijaya Babu is on the Board of Directors as an executive member of the Sai Sudhir Educational Society Hyderabad, which imparts instruction in the Sciences and Arts up to Post Graduate levels.At Nalanda Sri Vijaya Babu acts as a bridge, the link between the older and younger generation - the Management and the students.

The Secretary & Correspondent’s message

Our society lacks people with civic sense and good morals. We can’t say that people lack these qualities. They are unable to identify and implement them. It is their absolute ignorance and negligence. Education that properly taught provides us with wisdom which passes through the dark corners of ignorance and illuminates the consciousness. Education is what our society calls for.

The motto of an ideal educational institute is to teach academics and attend to wholesome all-round development of the students. Academic excellence is just a ticket to the opportunities but survival rate at the jobs are getting sturdy due to the swift changes in the companies. Taking all these into consideration, we have formulated holistic approach in all aspects of the curriculum. At intermediate level, we made our mark. I would like to say that Nalanda has brought about noteworthy changes in the field of education during all these years. The changes have been responsible for providing a dynamic thrust to the system and taking it forward by leaps and bounds. It is our endeavor to keep up the tempo and sustain the value added advantage our students have over the others.

From this year, Nalanda offers a stress-free +2 education without compromising any aspect of preparation. We have a carefully planned integrated curriculum taught by a highly competent faculty. A separate training for aspirants of IIT, PM/PD, AIEEE is planned. It will empower your child for successful performance in the Board and in subsequent competitive entrance exams.

Teamwork fetches success. We will continue to strive to get as close as we can, to perfection. Your child will be academically sound, articulate, well-mannered, confident and mature. Empowered to succeed and ready for leadership roles in a globalised society.


Nalanda is private educational group predominantly based in South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Established in 1998 by the four founding fathers of Nalanda group.

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